Dogmade was founded in 2018 by friends Emil and Jan. And Peanut! 

With a background in graphic design and a one-year-old puppy that made his heart sing, it was inevitable that Emil would create a portrait of Peanut and proudly hang it on the wall.

One night, Jan came over for dinner. As soon as he saw the portrait, he had an idea - Wouldn't it be cool if every dog owner could have their own portrait at home? 

And just like that, Dogmade was born.

Today, Dogmade has motifs for over 50 dog breeds. Each motif is a unique piece created by Emil. Inspired by Scandinavian design, Emil goes through a process of multiple iterations to strike the right balance between simplicity and detail, aiming to capture the most iconic and characteristic features of each dog breed.

The artwork is available in different styles and colors with the possibility to add your dog’s name and truly make it your own.